NYC - 2017 - 2020

September 11, 2001 for many veterans was the reason why they enlisted into the military. For so many, it is where it all began, and so it only seemed fitting to endure the 20 miles on horseback to honor and fight for those whom we have lost. The 20-mile ride trails through the heart of the city passing Times Square, Central Park and the Freedom Tower.

Washington DC - 2018 & 2019

As the capital of our great nation and only four hours away from NYC, DC was chosen to help spread awareness for the ride and give BraveHearts the opportunity to reach more veterans, expanding the ride. 

Chicago - 2019 & 2020

Chicago, is the major city home to BraveHearts. We are proud to represent our beloved city and are currently working on the planning stages of the ride.

Houston - 2020

On February 1, 2020 – we will ride in Houston, TX. This ride will be unlike any Trail to Zero rides in the past as it will be open for public participation. The public will be able to bring their own horse to ride. 

“I’m hoping for less lost brothers and sisters resulting in less miles! I’m looking forward to riding with more Brothers and Sisters, Patriots, and Mounted Patrolmen, to get our answer out to the suffering veterans of America. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to give to those who gave their all. Thank God for Great Horses!” – Mitchell Reno, Trail to Zero Veteran