Trail to Zero

Ride to End Veteran Suicide

DC 9.8.18 & NYC 9.15.18

If you want to learn more about Trail to Zero, you’re in the right place. Explore this site to learn how it started, how to support the ride and to learn about BraveHearts.


Beginning in 2017, BraveHearts, a 501c3 nonprofit, took five veterans to NYC to stand against veteran suicide.


Help support the 2018 Trail to Zero rides. Every donor who donates at least $100 will receive a 2018 commemorative t-shirt.

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Today 10 veterans, 1 gold star father, and 3 support staff will  ride 20 miles in awareness for veteran suicide in DC. Starting now!Follow the ride at
Today 10 veterans, 1 gold star father, and 3
5 hrs to go until destination reached! #trailtozero
5 hrs to go until destination reached!
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Our story

With the pilot ride under our belt, The Trail to Zero 2018 ride will be taken to the next level by being able to bring more veterans into two cites to bring awareness to veteran suicide while also helping the veterans on the ride to heal and advance their horsemanship. This ride will bring the overwhelming statistic of 20 veterans committing suicide per 

day to the forefront of Americans’ minds while also helping to educate veterans and Americans about equine assisted services and the benefits that it has as an alternative approach to healing. It is our greatest hope that we may reach at least one veteran who is currently battling suicidal ideologies, letting them know that they are not alone and that equine assisted services may help.